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  1. Mark grooby says:


    I would be interested in your thoughts on the way is game is played these days with regard to the heavy nature of referring. In my view water polo has slowed down in attack with less creative play and is a less spectacular to watch than when movement was encouraged and rewarded, I feel players cannot fully display skills and therefore the game can be less appealing. It pains me to see players training so hard, but just getting held and when they try and create movement it is often then awarded with a turnover for being over zealous. I see this as a problem in promoting our sport. A player like the great Estiarte who was very skillful would not have been the same player in today’s game,

    • Mark, I agree with your thoughts. It is less skillful in terms of tactics and mobility in set attack, and more physical now than it was before. You are correct in saying that this is because of the way the rules are interpreted at present. I do think that Manuel Estiarte would have been as good today as he was before. However, his style of play would have been somewhat inhibited due to the reasons that you have outlined. There are some new rules that are good but in general I find the game as it is played nowadays less attractive than it was 20 years ago.

  2. Rhys Tamlyn says:

    I’m from UK – Just found this site and offers an excellent view exchange about W P – I’m slightly obsessed with the game but probably not at your level Erkin !! The Estiarte debate is interesting – I’m same age as him and even played against him – correction, I swam back to halfway and restarted after his goals – just the 12. I think the game is evolving to pure size of players – London 2012 – the player line ups were incredible. None of the ‘big teams’ had any smaller blokes- other than Azevedo. And that’s my point – Estiarte wouldn’t have been anything as effective because of his size. Azevedo does a remarkable job of being world class player and being quite small – Estiarte was probably more talented but the game wasn’t quite so size obsessed back then and of course,Referees would be more technical. What’s your view on the size and refereeing piece in today’s game ?

    • Thank you for your interest Rhys! I believe that size does not really matter. In certain situations it may help but overall what matters most of all is sills, will-power, speed, intellect. As previously discussed, refereeing nowadays often encourages physical contest rather than skillful performance and that is regrettable.

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