2013 NWPL: Finals – Gold medal match


Whilst the Torpedoes looked somewhat tired after the preceding encounters, the Tigers arrived at the final match in possibly their best physical and mental condition. On average, the Torpedoes’ opponents were older, more experienced, physically stronger and more skilful, for that matter, some of whom participated in competitions like world championships and Olympic games. For example, Victoria’s best player in this match, American, Tim Hutten, won Silver at the Beijing-2008 Olympiad. Goalkeeper, James Stanton, and Sam McGregor played at their first OG nine years ago in Athens. One of the highest goal scorers this season, Englishman, Scott Carpenter, was a member of Great Britain’s Open team. Most other Victorians have also been or are members of the Junior or Senior Australian squads.

Melbourne put the above-mentioned factors to maximum use and sailed throughout the entire game. Their physical superiority was noticeable in defence. And the availability of many sizeable athletes made the ‘rotating centre-forwards’ tactic efficient and effective in attack. Victoria scored 6 field goals through powerful perimeter, CF and counter-attack shots. They converted four man-up opportunities from five. The Torpedoes scored only one from their 5 extra-man chances with the balance of four action goals.

Victorian Tigers

Back row from left: James Stanton, Ryan Moody, Scott Carpenter, Matt Martin, Tom Woudwyk, AJ Edwrads, Josh Barrington, Lachlan Edwards, Carl Zvekan, Tim Hutten and Jeff Barrow (Head-Coach). Front: Manuel Jones (Manager), James Woods, Matt Perrott, Sam McGregor and Danny Lawrence

It was an excellent result for the young West Australian team to finish as runners-up of the 2013 National League tournament. But being competitive sportsmen to the core, they obviously were disheartened with how this match unfolded for them and the final result. This is a normal reaction even though there were objective factors that made the difference between them and the current Victorian outfit. So we say to the young West Australians: Keep your chins up! You did yourselves, your families and your state proud! There is no doubt that this is not the last Grand-Final match in your water polo careers!

UWA Torpedoes

Back row from left: Mike Quinsee (Manager), Brandon Johnson, Cory Nasoff, Henry Brown, Fraser Smith, Sasha Kovalenko, Brett Mcghie, Peter Sefton and Andrei Kovalenko (Head-Coach). Front: Phil Salter, Andrew Ford, Tom Beare, George Ford, Luke Quinlivan and Nicholas Hughes.

Congratulations to the Tigers and their coach, Jeff Barrow, on their remarkable achievement – winning both the Southern Cross Trophy and Premiership of 2013 National League season!

Congratulations to the Torpedoes and coach, Andrei Kovalenko, on their excellent season resulting in Silver medal!

X-man: Melbourne 5/4 (80%); Torpedoes 5/1 (20%)
Referees: Daniel Flahive and Michael Hart

Comment –

Jeff Barrow, Head-Coach, Melbourne: It was great to win the grand final and we prepared well for the game. The whole team contributed in the game and throughout the season. We played 15 players during the season and they have all been important for us.  Back in Melbourne we have a group of young players in the squad who have also been important to our successful season.

Congratulations to UWA for a terrific season and winning the silver medal. Andrei has done a fantastic job in bringing the team through and they clearly have a very bright future.

The Grand Final was what we had come here to play in this week and we had some very good games leading up to the grand final so we felt we were well prepared and ready to win. We started well and were able to keep it going through the entire game. Tim was great at Centre Back and also shot the lights out, whilst our entire defence was solid all game.  You can certainly understand why Tim is an Olympic silver medallist and his examples at training and pre-game preparations are a great example to our players.

The team has been well led by Woody and Scott, Sam had a great year, our big CF’s were dominant in most games and our transition players including Danny and Matt Perrott always worked hard. We are also fortunate to have two fantastic goalkeepers. Carl and James split the games all season and allowed us to play the style of game we have developed.

Congratulations and bad luck to both Fremantle and Barracudas. We had some terrific matches with them during the season and here at the finals, we respect both of them as strong teams and our tight tussles are always fantastic games to participate in. Wests and Devils made out the finals and also forced good games at every contest.

Thanks to Foxy and AJ Edwards for their great support and assistance. We would not be as good a team without the assistance and contributions they have made during the season.

About Erkin Эркин Shagaev Шагаев
European, world, Olympic champion, two times World Cup winner Чемпион Европы, мира, Олимпийских игр, двукратный обладатель Кубка мира

4 Responses to 2013 NWPL: Finals – Gold medal match

  1. Ray Mayers says:

    Looks like another dominating era for the Tigers if they can keep that team together, very strong across the whole pool

  2. Jeff Barrow says:

    Hi Erkin,
    I really appreciated the effort you have made to provide the meaningful reports and objective commentary for water polo followers during the NWPL finals. Your site compliments the WPA site and brings a coaches view to the reporting. I am sure this site takes up many many hours of your time let alone the time you invest in watching the numerous games. Personally, I really enjoy your critique of the games and it brings a good perspective to the results. I have benefited from you thoughts on the games over the past couple of seasons and they have definitely assisted in my view of the games. You are always honest and objective. Keep up the great work as I am sure many followers appreciate your efforts.

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