2013 NWPL: Finals Bronze medal match


The score-line does not necessarily reflect the ratio of strengths between the two teams. One example – Barras had their best match of the series against UWA Torpedoes whilst Melville had their worst against the same team. Mariners had more depth in quality players whilst Brisbane, at this stage, have to rely upon a handful of those to match the opposition. The game was even until the middle of the second period with Rhys Howden leading his team by example with overall competent actions as well as scoring 3 goals during this time.

Barracudas attacking

From that point, Melville were leading  by 2-3 goals margin. However, Barracudas kept fighting  and managed to reduce the deficit to two by the middle of the third period. This was achieved through the efforts of Barras’ leaders, Rhys Howden, BJ Howden and Billy Miller.

But when the team needed it most and had the chance to still be in the contest for the Bronze medal, its supposedly leading player, Billy Miller, got excluded for the rest of the match because of his third personal foul. I was watching the game and can say that this did not have to happen. It was Miller’s reckless actions in this and other instances that caused  the third and previous exclusions. As a result, he was ‘rolled out’ for the rest of the match thus reducing his team’s chances to win the Bronze medal. It is a matter of PLAYING DISCIPLINE whereby one’s personal feelings must come secondary to that of the team’s objectives no matter how upsetting a situation can be.

At the 2006 Football World Cup Final, one of the best players at the time, Frenchman,Zidane Zinedine Zidane, let his emotions overcome him by responding with violence to the words of his opponent in the Gold medal match. For this he was shown  a red card by the referee.  Consequently, he could no longer take part in the match depriving his team of his superb skills as well as leaving them playing in a man-down situation for the reminder of that once in a life-time match. The opposition, Italy, won Gold. France came second only.

Overall, the spectacle was rather entertaining for the public as both teams displayed good instances producing sophisticated attacking  combinations and scoring exciting goals. One example was a back-hand shot goal from about 7 meters by Croatian, Marco Bratic, that caught Brisbane’s keeper by surprise.

Fremantle Mariners’ Joel Swift, Mitchell Ainsworth, Jarrod Gilchrist, Croatian, Marco Bratic, and Tim Cleland deserve a special mention for their contribution to the final result. But it is the entire Freemantle team  and coach, Peter Arancini, who must be credited  for winning the 2013 National League championships’ Bronze medal.

Congratulations to Fremantle Mariners for winning Bronze!

Congratulations to Brisbane Barracudas and coach, Rob Lyndon, for making top four!

X-man: Brisbane 8/4 (50%); Melville 10/8 (80%)
Penalty: Brisbane 0; Melville 1/0
Referees: Daniel Bartels and David Geary

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