1980 Olympiad: USSR v Yugoslavia – video fragments

We continue searching for video records from the Moscow-80 Olympiad. In the meantime, Roman Akimov (see the previous article on this topic) has compiled a clip  of our Gold medal game fragments  against the powerful Yugoslavian team. It was a tough encounter and  we gained a convincing victory.

Members_of_USSR_National_Water_Polo_Team_at_Olympiad (250x144)

Members of the Soviet team and water polo community celebrate the victory.


1980 Yugoslavian team
Back row from left: Miro Circovic (Head Coach), Milivoj Bebic, Luka Vezilic, Zoran Roje, Predrag Manojlovic, Zoran Mustur, Damir Polic and Petcovic (Coach). Front row: Bozko Lozica, Ratko Rudic, Milorad Krivokapic, Zoran Gopcevic and Slobodan Trifunovic.

The team’s Head coach, Miro Circovic, was born 1934 in Hercegnovi, Montenegro.  In 1948, Miro joined the “Jadran Hercegnovi” club and won the ’58 and ’59 National Championships. After moving to the “Primorac Kotor” club in 1960, Circovic began his remarkable coaching carrier and, following the Montreal-1976 Olympiad, became Head coach of Yugoslavia leading his team to several successes: Silver at the 1977 European Championships (Sweden), Bronze at the  1978 World Championships (West-Berlin) and Bronze at the 1st FINA Cup held Yugoslavia – 1979. His biggest achievement is second placing at the Moscow – 1980 Olympic Games where that nation captured Silver medal for the fourth time in history after a twelve-year pause. Miro Circovic was known as innovative coach who introduced new methods in the preparation of his players and rejuvenated the  National team bringing in a new generation of talented players. Sadly, he passed away untimely after a car accident on the eve of the 1981 European Championship (Split, Yugoslavia) .

Although its quality leaves a lot to be desired, it is an interesting viewing that gives an idea about the atmosphere during that memorable match.

About Erkin Эркин Shagaev Шагаев
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2 Responses to 1980 Olympiad: USSR v Yugoslavia – video fragments

  1. Vaso Despotovic says:

    Thank you Erkin for reminding us of old good times.


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