2012 NWPL: Drummoyne 4 : 9 Wests

It was an important win for Wests, as that result brings them closer to one of their goals – Premiership of the National League’s regular season. It was crucial for Drummoyne to win, as UWA Torpedoes would have leap-frogged Drummoyne in the table for sixth if they managed to beat Fremantle Mariners. But as the Torpedoes lost 8:13, Drummoyne are still likely to make it to the Final series by beating Cronulla Sharks in their last match of the regular season.

Apart from Wests and Drummoyne, the other 4 finalists are Brisbane Barracudas, Fremantle Mariners, Victorian Tigers and Sydney University Lions.

Wests dominated from the start finishing the first quarter 4:0 and extending their lead to 1:7 at the beginning of the 3rd period. Shortly after, the Devils managed to reduce the deficit to 3:7 and had a couple of more goal-scoring chances that – if converted – could have made the end of the match more interesting. But Wests punished the hosts for not converting their opportunities by scoring two more solid goals to finish the match with a comfortable score 4:9. If the Magpies win against Sydney University on Sunday – which they are likely to do – they will repeat their success of the 2007 regular season by winning the Southern Cross Trophy.

X-man: Drummoyne 3/0 (0%), Wests 6/2 (33%)
Penalty: Drummoyne 1/0, Wests 0

Referees’ comments –

– Adam Richardson:

Wests played a clinical game and showed why they are on top of the NWPL ladder.

Some undisciplined play from Drummoyne (Tyler Martin) cost them early in the match and there was no way for the Devils to come back into the game.

It was an easy game to ref, both played deep zones utilizing their good goalkeepers.

– Daniel Bartels:

I think that the game was a good display of the maturity of Wests and the strategies they are able to use to control a game from start to finish. Joel Dennerley was a real stand out in goal, shutting down counter attacks and many outside shots that would have been certain goals against other goalkeepers. The Western Suburbs defense is the core to the strength of their team. From Dennerley in goals, Campbell in Centre Back, Cotterill out top between the shooters, the whole Wests team works as a well-tuned unit. Drummoyne responded well to the pressure and zone from Wests, adjusting their game plan to use both their big Europeans at once. Allowing Milan Mesic to sit outside and use his strong shot proved a good tactic, however the brick wall that was Dennerley in goals proved difficult. Wests also did very well channeling the ball into their keeper. The game was a heavy one, as it generally is at Drummoyne due to the narrow and shallow pool, but both teams responded well throughout the game. Unfortunately, the early 4 or 5 goal lead for Wests was just too large of a gap for Drummoyne to overcome.

Coach and Players’ comments –

– Dmitry Gorshkov, Drummoyne’s Head-coach:

 Like in many matches this season we did not play well today. There are both subjective and objective reasons for this. It is a rather young team and some of our more experienced leading players have been missing important games because of injuries or illnesses throughout the entire season. However, we are going to play in the Final series and this will be a good opportunity for us to gain more experience for the future. On a more positive note, I liked the commitment with which we played today despite losing with a big margin against the team that is of a higher standard than us at present.

– Alex Donovan (W):

We expected a tough match from Drummoyne and were happy to come away with a solid win out of a good performance. Again it was our international stars, Johnno Cotterill, Richard Campbell and Joel Dennerley that led the way for us as they have all season. Thanks must go to Drummoyne for hosting us and to the mums for the oranges at halftime.

Hopefully, we will be able to continue our form into the finals series and keep our potatoes in their proper place.

– Craig Scott, Drummoyne’s Manager:

 A very disappointing result when the team had everything to play for to secure that final semi spot, Wests lead by goal keeper Joel Dennerley and a couple of early Johnno Cotterill goals, dominating in all areas of the game. A slow start saw Wests go out to a 4-nil lead after only 6 minutes, with some player frustration resulting in Tyler Martin being rolled for some back chat after an exclusion. This made the game all the more difficult without our leading goal scorer. So now our season comes down to UWA v Freo . . and our final game of the season against Cronulla. Our best player, John Hahn, summed it all up after the game “We played like a team coming 7th against the team coming 1st.

– Corrie Eames (W):

We had a solid performance tonight. The most pleasing aspect was definitely seeing every member of the team chip in and provide a high standard of water polo. The break has given us an opportunity to really analyze our systems and style. Although I see the Magpies still improving going into the finals, I believe in tonight’s game we really nailed the things we were working on and look stronger than ever. Undoubtedly, we missed the ferocity of our no. 1 import Matthew ML Sagehorn but the defensive efforts and attacking options provided by all the boys across the board were impressive. It would be remiss of me not to mention another stellar performance by Joel Dennerley. With another 5m penalty shutout, it’s impossible to discuss a Magpie game without him featuring heavily.

– John Hahn (D):

The result tonight was an accurate reflection of the performance by both teams. The magpies were dominant in all facets of the match, particularly in defence with Richie Campbell at CB and Joel Dennerley in goals leading the way. It is clear Mark Hubbard has primed the team well for finals with his team executing some strong attacking play and demonstrating solid defence. If players like Johnno Cotterill can continue their amazing season form they will definitely be the team to beat next week at finals. Our focus will now turn to Sunday’s match where we will play a young Cronulla Sharks team. With new coach Predrag Mihailovic they have definitely been the big improvers in 2012 so we will have to ensure we do not take our less fancied opponents lightly as we will need this win to secure a spot in the final six.

– Stephen Cody (W):

There was always going to be a good challenging game playing Drummoyne on their last home game of the season, while still pushing for finals contention. We knew that we had to come out strong and suppress their game from the start. Another strong first quarter gave us the jump that we needed in the game.

Dennerley stepping up to the plate again, with some inspirational saves that helped spur the team on to defeat a “never give up” Drummoyne side. This giving us some confidence going into the rest of the weekend and further more into finals.

– Ross Sinclair (D):

 Unfortunately, we did not start as well as we have done in previous games and this hurt us. Going down 4-0 against a top team such as Wests in the first quarter proved to be the difference tonight. They are an extremely deep and talented team that play well together and that hurt us in all aspects of the game. Losing our center back in the first 3 minutes of the game did not help as well as their center forward (USA Import) Tommy Corcoran had his way tonight, scoring several quality goals and drawing numerous ejections. Overall, our attack on extra man was not successful enough and our defense had too many mistakes that led to easy entry passes into their center or outside shots from close range. On a positive note, our goalie and London hopeful, John Hahn, was once again the most consistent and standout player that helped keep the score line respectable. We need to fix a few aspects to our game if we want to be successful in the final series.

– Daniel Streets (W):

The Devils are always a tough opponent, especially at home, and you know that you will have to produce four solid quarters of water polo to beat them. Off the back of a good training week and a positive feeling within the team we were confident leading in to the game. We got off to a great start and the scoreboard at half time definitely reflected that (6-1). I feel that through solid defence, fast counter attack and well timed feeds in to the centre forward we put Drummoyne under a substantial amount of pressure and we were able to capitalise on most of our scoring opportunities. From the water it felt as though we controlled the game in the first half and it was always going to be hard for the Devils to work back in to the game. The fact that Tyler Martin was out very early on three major fouls was a huge advantage to us as he is an integral member of their team. The second half was more of a hard fought event. As expected, the Devils came out hard and managed to put us under more pressure, forcing us to rush many of our attacking opportunities. They pushed harder on their counter attack and a couple of goals came from their hard work and perhaps our lack of communication. The second half was much closer with each team scoring three goals. A final score of 9-4 in our favour was a fitting result for what felt like a good solid performance from the Magpies. Drummoyne are a well rounded team and are likely to be in the top six for finals next week. A special mention to Joel Dennerley, who was big tonight in the cage and another solid performance from our other Aussie Sharks members, Richie Campbell and Johnno Cotterill. Tommy Corcoran also stood out with an unlikely perimeter goal and Peter De Gail stayed solid on the left hand side counter attack.

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