2012 NWPL: Drummoyne 6 : 11 Melbourne

This was the second good game played by Melbourne from their games that I have recently watched. The other was the second match against Wests (see ‘2012 NWPL: Wests 7 : 5 Melbourne’ post). Judging from the way the Melbournians played in Sydney over the last two weeks, one of the conclusions that can be drawn about the team that is aspiring to repeat last year’s success and win the title again is that it lacks consistency. A very strong  performance was followed by an average one and vice-versa. I am sure that the coaching staff will be addressing this problem in the lead up to the Finals series.

I did not watch the previous game (Drummoyne 8 : 7 Melbourne) but today the Tigers were dominating in all departments from the beginning and their goals were skilful.  Most of the players contributed solidly to the final outcome.  Jarrod Gilchrist, James Woods and Sam McGregor were particularly sharp by either generating goal-scoring combinations or concluding them. Matt Martin has made another claim for the title of this season’s best centre-forward by scoring three times from this position as well as earning several exclusions. Carl Zvekan was ‘switched on’ in the goals most of the time except in a couple of instances when he was caught off guard.

By the beginning of the third quarter the score was 2:9 in Melbourne’s favour and it looked like the game was over. To Drummoyne’s credit, they scored 3 goals in a row to reduce the gap to 6:9 by the fourth minute of the last quarter. Had they scored another goal, the end of the match could have been a different affair. A skilful pass by Gilchrist from a centre-forward position resulting in a goal and a cool-headed goal by McGregor that concluded his team’s 6 on 5 counter-attack sealed the Victorian’s victory.

Samuele Avallone, Mitchell Emery, Adam Polivka and Milan Nesic scored 6 of Drummoyne’s goals.

X-man: Drummoyne 8/4 (50%); Melbourne 6/2 (33%)

Referees: Meagan Varlow and Mark Ridgewell

At times, referees were too lenient allowing excessive physicality in individual contests, in particular between centre-forwards and centre-backs. In my opinion, those instances were not helped by a commentator’s remarks, made through loudspeaker, who is supposed to be impartial. By the end, the match could have escalated into more than just push and shove.

Comments by coach and players –

– Jeff Barrow (VT):

Our game tonight was a strong overall performance and a good improvement on the previous night. We had the game under control by half time and continued to implement our structures well. Matt Martin was dominant at CF and that creates alternative scoring options when our CF’s are strong. It was a good team effort with Sam McGregor, Tomas Bruder, James Woods and Blake all being good contributors. It is actually hard to leave anyone out as all the team did their role. Drummoyne fought it out hard and never stopped working hard. Tyler, Mitch and John Hahn all worked hard. It was also good to see Sam Avallone back playing. The umpires were good but probably allowed the game to deteriorate and become too physical. Tomorrow we play Cronulla for the Kerr Callaghan trophy so we will be ready to again work hard to retain the annual trophy game. Overall a pleasing effort and should help us leading in to the finals.

– Craig Scott, Drummoyne Men’s NL Manager:

This is a tight competiton at the serious end where you play the same team two nights in a row at the same pool with very different results. You must turn up ready every game. Last night our defence and attack were more organised,with our young guys stepping up and playing well and for plenty of minutes. Out shooters also scored those important goals with Victoria missing their important chances. Tonight was the opposite with Victoria defence limiting our chances for most of the match going out to a 0-4 lead including 2 centre forward goals and a counter-attack for the Tigers. Tonght’s score was a fair indication of how we played. A good point for us was the return of our new Aussie Sam Avallone who played his first game after suffering those broken ribs playing Barra’s a month ago. He will be better for the swim. Now to tomorrows “Derby Day” with Syd Uni – see you there!

– Blake Edwards (VT):

We proved again to ourselves what this team is capable of achieving. It was a bitterly disappointing result last night. As a team we had to come together and address the issues, and it was pleasing to see us respond to these problems. We’ve been able to take a lot out of this road trip and I believe the losses to Wests and Drummoyne have been able to highlight the things that need to fixed come finals. Consistency from all 13 players will be vital to our team’s success, and it will be important to hold this standard in the upcoming games against Cronulla and Balmain.

– Ross Sinclair (D):

It was safe to say that Melbourne came out with fire after last night’s loss. They jumped on us early and were much better in attack. Matt Martin was the difference today scoring 3 out of centre. We looked rather tired from last night and missed some key blocks that allowed them to get off to a 7-2 start. The second half was better we showed more heart. London Olympic hopeful John Hahn was again a standout keeping the game close and it was good to have another London Olympic prospect in the water as Sammy Avallone returned from injury.

– Scott Carpenter (VT):

Tonight was a much improved performance than the night before. We wanted to concentrate on keeping our defence tight after conceding too many cheap goals in the previous game. We did this quite effectively, which limited them to 3 goals in the first 3 quarters. We lapsed a little in the final quarter, but overall we were pretty happy. At the other end our finishing was much sharper, with a lot more names on the score sheet. We used all of our squad throughout the game and this seemed to keep us all fresh. In particular Matt 4 peaks Martin was very effective at centre forward tonight and gave us a good focal point in attack.

– Tyler Martin (D):

It was a very disappointing performance coming off an outstanding win the previous night. Personally and as a team we were a bit flat, perhaps with tomorrow’s big game in our minds. The pleasing thing is that we were not embarrassed on the scoreline or in the pool as our team stood up to the physicality of Victoria, unfortunately we could not match the skill or execution tonight. Nonetheless, we look forward to tomorrow’s big game against Sydney Uni and moving forward from there.

– Sam McGregor (VT):

It was a great team defensive effort tonight for most of the game. We were a bit disappointed with a 3 minute period when we let them score 3 quick goals.
Our solid defence provided the platform to generate counter attack options and we were patient in attack which opened up our centre forwards who played very well for us tonight.

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  1. Tony Whitnell says:

    Erkin, i think you will find that the Fremantle back yard water polo club won the championship enabling it to become the most successful club in Australia.

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