2012 NWPL: Sydney University 10 : 15 Melbourne

The current leader of the National League,  the Victorian Tigers, won their first match from four to be played in Sydney over the weekend in convincing fashion, as the final score indicates.

The Lions had a much better extra-man count but failed to take advantage of those chances. The next game is going to be as tough for the Sydneysiders and it will be interesting to see if they will be able to regroup after today’s loss to try to gain valuable points in their quest to make the top 6 in the regular season.

X-Man:Sydney Uni 10/1(10%), Victorian Tigers 2/2(100%)

Referees: Michael Hart and Meagan Varlow

Comments by coaches and players –

– Jeff Barrow (VT):

We started very poor with lazy and uncommitted defence. Whilst we scored well it was a disappointing first quarter for the start to a hard road trip. The second period was much better and that showed on the score board. Tomas Bruder was influential during this period and continued to play well for the remainder of the game. The last three periods were a good team effort with no one player dominating. Carl Zvekan had some good saves and closed out the game when required. I was happy with both our extra defense and attack as well as showing good composure at important times. Overall it was a good team effort where all our players contributed to the win.

– Damien Fanning (SU):

It was a patchy perfromance. We had good instances  intersepersed  by bad ones.

As the result shows, there were more bad instances – we lacked intencity in our actions. Overall, naturally, I am not happy with how we played today.

– Thomas Whalan (SU):

We lost through a lack of intensity. We started well, however, some costly mistakes in the second quarter allowed them easy goals to put a solid buffer against us. It was enjoyable to have Rob Maitland back in the team from Spain and I think we owed him a better team performance. Victoria did well in scoring their opportunities. We had a terrible extra man in scoring only one from nine I believe. We rushed our opportunities and against a team like Victoria they won’t let you off the hook so easily. I expect a much better performance tomorrow night.

– Sam McGregor (VT):

With the addition of Rob Maitland to the Sydney Uni side tonight, we
knew we were going to be up for a tough game. The first quarter was
a high scoring affair. We were not committed enough in defence which gave Sydney Uni a 5-4 lead at the first break. Fortunately, we were able to improve in this area for the rest of the game which gave a platform for us to generate some counter attacking
opportunities which we executed well. Our extra man defence also proved to be crucial in our success tonight. We have a four day road trip to Sydney so we are very happy to start off with a win.

– Scott Nicholson (SU):

Tonight’s game was one of the most disappointing games of our season. On our night we are a quality side, with quality players who can match it with every team and every player in the league. Tonight we were made to look extremely ordinary. Fundamental ball skill errors cost us dearly, and our execution in pressure situations was poor. I believe that these errors are due to our team cohesiveness. We are unable to train together on a regular basis due to the unavailability of pool space. This means, with people’s differing commitments, some team members might only get one quality training session a week. If we are serious about competing this season, this situation must change. What was most disappointing tonight is that we were able to claw our way back into the game only to drop our bundle again. Mentally we must be much tougher, especially coming into finals.

– Trent Franklin (SU):

We welcomed back Rob Maitland to the team having a short stint over the next four games before returning to his Spanish club team. A close first quarter with ourselves in the lead was eroded by a 6 goal run by Victoria at the end of the second quarter. The remainder of the game saw us close within three goals with opportunities in extra man to put the game up for grabs. Unfortunately, some poor execution let us down. Largely issues in our counter defence caused most of the damaged, but encouragingly these should be able to be fixed in our next game.

– Dalibor Maslan, coach of the women’s Victorian Tigers team:

The first quarter was very messy on both sides. Tigers were trying to get fully focused on scoring goals not thinking much of their defense.

Then they put together very good 7:1 second quarter. This massive goal margin allowed them to just keep on cruising throughout the remaining of the game and finish it off comfortably 15:10.

About Erkin Эркин Shagaev Шагаев
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2 Responses to 2012 NWPL: Sydney University 10 : 15 Melbourne

  1. Daryl Jousting says:

    Great insight Erkin. Look forward to the report on tonights match.

  2. JS says:

    I think Sydney University still has a chance of winning the entire competition on the proviso, of course, they make it to the top six. From my observation the Lions lack structure in the six fundamental areas of the game. They are:

    1. 6*6 defence – The games that I watched, it was difficult to ascertain what the defensive structure was.
    2. 6*6 attack – It is always difficult to not have a reliable centre forward, however, tehre are other systems that can be implemented in light of not having a reliable centre forward. Nathan Cargill has been doing a good job, but he is not a specialist and shoudl be used in a different way
    3. Counter Attack – On numerous occassions there was opprotunity to generate a man-up counetr attack, but basic positioning and communication has been lacking
    4. Counter defence – The USA import is clearly lacking in fitness and has been letting the team down by not being smarter in his counetr defensive actions. The mobile or utility players have also not done a good job in cleaning up for him
    5. 6*5 defense – lack of communication between the goalkeeper and the blockers as well as poor structure has resulted in a poor track record in defending x-man
    6. 6*5 attack

    I have no doubt in my mind that the lions can do it with a bit of effort and belief.

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