2012 NWPL: Drummoyne (8) 12 : 12 (8) Hunter

Drummoyne went to a 4:0 lead by the beginning of the second quarter. Mitchell Emery was in the right place at the right time in 3 of those occasions netting 2 field and 1 extra-man goals, with Milan Nesic scoring a good centre-forward goal after receiving a timely ‘dry’ pass. At that stage, it looked like it would be an easy win for the hosts.

That impression was also supported by the Hunter’s inability to unlock Drummoyne’s ‘zone’ defence that the Devils employed when Mitchell Baird was in the CF position; Hunter’s shots would miss the target and passes to their CF would often be either inaccurate or intercepted.

However, Drummoyne stopped converting their goal-scoring opportunities, including man-up, and made several passing and positioning mistakes in attack that presented Hunter with counter-attacking opportunities which they exploited. By the beginning of the fourth period, the score was 6-all.

In the last period Hunter scored 3 field goals through outside shots. Drummoyne’s goalkeeper, John Hahn, did not help his team in those instances but, in all fairness, his team-mates were not as organized in a ‘zone’ defence as they were in the first half of the match.

Overall, both teams were scoring some good field, extra-man and counter-attack goals. But both also made several technique-tactical mistakes presenting the opposition with goal-scoring opportunities that did not have to happen.

The main time finished in a draw 8:8 with the final score being 12-all after the newly-introduced penalty shoot-out ‘tie-breaker’. On balance, based upon the two team’s player composition and experience, I would say that at the end of the match Drummoyne lost valuable points and Hunter gained them in both teams’ quest to make top 6 in the regular season.

X-man: Drummoyne 9/4 (44%); Hunter 8/3 (38%)
5 meter penalty: Drummoyne 0; Hunter 1/1
Turn-over calls: Drummoyne 5; Hunter 5

Referees: Rowan Woodburn and Andrew Carney

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