2012 NWPL: Wests 12 : 6 Balmain

The difference in class between the two teams was noticeable from the start of the game. And the score-line could have been much worse for Balmain had it not been for their goalkeeper, James Clark, who had an excellent game. His numerous saves of all sorts of shots from different positions, including 2 one-on-one in the second period, kept his team in the match until the middle of the third quarter.

Wests went to a 3:0 lead in the first several minutes but Ian Calpin’s two goals – one by an outside and another after a back-hand – and Paul Sindone’s excellent off-the-hand shots levelled the score.

In addition to the above-mentioned players, as always, Gavin Woods was among Balmain’s best players. Although not scoring goals, he did an enormous amount of useful work both in attack and defence.

For most of the second period it looked like Balmain discovered its rhythm against one of the favourites of the tournament. But a passing mistake between goalkeeper and a field player during a Balmain’s CA gave Wests an easy goal-scoring opportunity for a 5:3 lead. Like in the previous game against Melville, that was disheartening for the rest of the team.

From then on Balmain fell apart and by the end of the third quarter the score-line was 9:4 in Wests’ favour. At the start of the last period they extended their lead to 11: 4 and the game was virtually over.

The nature of Balmain’s mistakes and shortcoming that contributed to their loss was similar to that in their previous match against Sydney University.

Richie Campbell (5) and Johnno Cotterill (3) spearheaded the Wests attacking actions by scoring most of their extra-man and counter-attack goals. They would have scored more had it not been for James Clark. The team’s two imports, Matt Sagehorn and Thomas Corcoran (CF), are worthy acquisitions in the team’s quest to win the National league this season. Joel Dennerley did well in the goals although his job was easier than that of his counterpart due to better defensive actions by his team-mates.

Although most other Wests’ players performed competently, in particular Stephen Cody, displaying good overall skills, the team would not be as competitive without the above-mentioned players.


X-man: Wests 7 – scored 4 (57%); Balmain 5 – scored 1 (20%)

Referees: Nick Hodgers and David Gerrie

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2 Responses to 2012 NWPL: Wests 12 : 6 Balmain

  1. Phillip Bower says:

    Hi Erkin

    Although we were definitely outplayed the fact that we received only 1 extra man situation in the first 3 quarters had a definite effect on the game.
    Only when the game was over did the referees see fit to award kick outs against Wests.

    Gavin Woods and his partner were monstered by the Defence every time they picked towards the goals from set play. Where against Sydney Uni this brought ejections,it would seem that a new set of rules were in place today.

    No surprises here as unfortunately there is a huge gap between the top 3 referees and the rest. With nothing being done to alleviate this problem I believe come the finals the winners may not be the best team but the team that gets the least number of Referee mistakes.

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