Olympic Qualification draws

In the men’s tournament, teams are drawn into 2 following groups:

Group A: 1. Montenegro 2. Germany 3. Romania 4. Greece 5. FYRO Macedonia 6. The Netherlands

Group B: 1. Spain 2. Canada 3. Venezuela 4. Brazil 5. Argentina 6. Turkey

The Asian teams of China and Japan will not be in Edmonton. New Zealand, representing Oceania, will not be sending its team either.

Six above-mentioned teams took part in the world championships in Shanghai, China last July. Montenegro, Germany and Spain finished among top 8 there. Montenegro came second at the recently held European championships in Eindhoven, Holland. In my opinion, these teams are the favourites to be among four London licensees.

The Greek team is strong and goes to Canada with the goal of making it to London.

Canada qualified for the Beijing Olympic games last time through a Qualification tournament, which was a big success then. It is a young team and has several talented players who showed good water polo in Shanghai-2011. As a host nation it hopes to make it to the Olympics again.

Romania is an experienced team and has several world class players including one of the best centre-forwards, Cosmin Radu.

FYRO Macedonia and Holland will be a difficult opponent for anyone.

Four nations will qualify and the results will be known on April 8.

The womens draw is as follows:

Group A: 1. Italy 2. Russia 3. Hungary 4. Spain

Group B: 1. Greece 2. Brazil 3. Canada 4. Kazakhstan 5. The Netherlands

Greece won world championships last July in Shanghai, China.

Italy came first at the recently held European championships in Eindhoven, Holland.

Russia is the last world championships’ Bronze medallist.

Hungary, Spain and The Netherlands are top teams that can beat any of the above-mentioned teams. The strong Dutch team is able to participate because some continental slots were not filled by their representatives.

Four teams that will go to London will be known on April 15.

Both men and women’s tournaments are going to be tough. Several good teams will miss the London-2012 Olympic games.

How the above-mentioned teams made it to the Qualification tournaments is explained in the previous posts: “Life is not easy in Europe”, “Italy’s women Europe’s champions! 5 teams go to Trieste”, “Men’s Olympic Qualification tournament”, “Tania de Mario – Italy needs you!”

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