2012 NWPL: Balmain 7 : 11 Melville

Both teams had strong centre-forwards (CF) – Jamie Beardsworth & Joel Swift (Melville) and Gavin Woods (Balmain).

Beadsworth and Swift were the reason why Melville won that match as they earned all Melville’s 7 extra-man attacking opportunities and a 5 meter penalty between them.

Swift scored two skilful CF goals: one – after a back-hand shot and another – after moving away from a defender and receiving a ‘dry’ pass. In both instances, a big man, Joel Davis, was involved as a centre-back (CB) and looked helpless.

Beadsworth scored one CF goal, after a ‘structural’ mistake by Balmain involving several players, using his sheer strength. That was Melville’s last goal which did not make much of a difference as the outcome of the match had already been decided.

Most of Balmain’s goals came from outside shots when Melville drew back perimeter defenders to help their centre-back against Woods. Connor Martin and James Falzon were Balmain’s sharp shooters in that match.

However, unlike Melville, Balmain had only one strong CF and that was one of the differences between the two teams.

Both teams had to play most of the time a ‘zoning’ defence; and both were making a combination of positioning and technique mistakes that led to the goals that could have been avoided.

When Balmain was leading by one goal at the beginning of the 3rd quarter, its goalkeeper, James Clark, committed an unforgivable mistake throwing a bad pass during his team’s counter-attack. Jamie Beardsworth used that ‘gift’ to level the score. That was demoralizing for Clark’s team.

In three extra-man opportunities that Balmain had, every time their standard situation’s ‘development’ was good. But poorly executed rushed shots – twice by Mark Sindone – prevented them from converting those chances.

Melville scored one good extra-man goal by Tim Cleland from a ‘post’ position. Otherwise, the westerners also wasted 4 from their 7 x-man opportunities through poor shooting options, including by Cleland.

My overall impression of that match is two-fold: good technical and tactical instances were interspersed with poor ones, including by the National squad members.

Melville is expected to be among top 6 teams after the regular season to contest Premiership of the National League. Balmain has the capacity to make top 6 too.

Listed as a member of the Melville team, a triple Olympian, Tim Neesham, did not play in that match.

X-man: Balmain 3(0); Melville 7(3)

Referees: Daniel Bartels and Andrew Carney

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2 Responses to 2012 NWPL: Balmain 7 : 11 Melville

  1. Phillip Bower says:

    A very fair summary of the game.
    We played again the next day and I believe what you wrote about Saturdays game would be almost identical if you had watched on Sunday.

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