A water polo anecdote

The other day, after a training session with the Sydney University Junior squad, one mum asked me with a smile: “My son has not drowned, has he?!” The real meaning of it being: “We know he missed training and is not fit – sorry about that!” Other people were present and I shared this joke with them:

The following actions and verbal exchange take place during a water polo match:

Coach: Toby – give the ball to Percy!
Toby ignores the coach’s call and keeps the ball.
Coach: Toby – pass the ball to Percy quickly!!!
Toby does not react to the coach’s instructions.
Coach: Toby!!! GIVE THE BALL to Percy IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!
Toby: Why would I give the ball to Percy??!! I scored a goal!!
Coach: We do not need your goal!!! Percy drowned!!!!

That boy did not drown. We had spent the session trying to improve his fitness and passing skills. My message to all the coaches who read this: Please make sure your players can use their legs and pass the ball well before practicing sophisticated tactics!

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