Updates re Australian Sharks V USA on 5-6 January

6 January 2012

AUS 11 USA 8

Referees: Daniel Bartels (AUS), Noel Harrod (AUS)

AUS: had 13 X-man opportunities, scored 7 (54% conversion), defended 3 from 6 (50%)
USA: had 6 X-man opportunites, scored 3 (50%), defended 6 from 13 (46%)

USA looked fresher today but in the end the exclusions took its toll. In addition to their x-man goals, they scored 4 goals by outside shots and 1 counter-attack goal.

Australia scored 2 goals from the centre-forward position, 3 by outside shots and 2 from counter-attacks.

Both coaches have been rotating their players throughout 3 matches series. The US’ leading player, Tony Azevedo, has not been playing so far.

The teams are moving to Melbourne tomorrow for the Pan Pacs tournament.

5 January 2012


Referees: Daniel Bartels (AUS), Nick Hodgers (AUS)

AUS: had 7 X-man opportunities, scored 1 (14% conversion); defended 5 from 9 (55%)
USA: had 9 X-man opportunities, scored 4 (45% conversion); defended 6 from 7 (86%)

Score after each quarter: AUS 5 : USA 2; 6 : 3; 8 : 4; 8 : 5 – final score

USA looked tired and slow on the second day of their visit. Australia took full advantage of the American’s jet-lag by scoring 5 counter-attack goals, 2 perimeter shots’ goals and 1 x-man goal.

The US team scored 4 X-man goals and 1 counter-attack goal.

The exhibition matches will be played at the Homebush Sydney Olympic Aquatic Centre from 6.30PM on Thursday and Friday.

The US team is a world powerhouse in water polo. They won Silver medals at the last Olympic games in Beijing-2008.

Australia’s best result at the Olympic games or world championships is 4th place at the WC in Perth-1998.

This series of fiendly matches and the Pan Pacs tournament in Melbourne – to be held later on this month – are an important part of both teams preparation towards the London-2012 Olympic games.

More information re the US team’s visit to Australia can be found in the previous posts.

It will be very useful for our juniors’ development to watch these games.

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2 Responses to Updates re Australian Sharks V USA on 5-6 January

  1. Bob Bryant says:

    tough training slowed out side shots and exposed weakneses in both teams USA ahould B concerned. Coaches didn’t want to upset refs.

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