USA V AUS Budgy Smuggler by the Sea Water Polo – Great Success!

Congratulations and thank you to the organisers of this event! All the efforts – to prepare and promote it – have paid off!

The objective – to showcase the game to the audience not traditionally captured by it – has been achieved; those who normally would not be interested in water polo came in numbers, as did those who have been associated with the sport before.

It seemed that at least 1000 people (probably more) were there and that created a great atmosphere. I do not recall an event like this in Sydney for a long while. It was conceived and put together by the organisers within short period of time simply out of love of water polo. They have demonstrated what can be done to promote it in a very attractive way.

Thank you also to the US team, who had agreed to participate despite arriving from Los-Angeles 5 hours prior to the match, after a 14 hours flight.

Both teams’players should be complimented for their efforts during the exhibition match scoring many spectacular goals to the crowd’s delight. It also was educational for many young water polo players – boys and girls – who came to watch the game.

The coaches are using these and other events, in the lead up to the London OG, to trial the players before making a final decision on the list of 13. There are 18 athletes in each squad at present.

AUS 10 – USA 7

Referees: Adam Richardson (AUS), Daniel Bartels (AUS)

AUS: had 7 extra-man (X-man) opportunities – scored 3 (43% conversion); defended 1 from 3 (33%)

Penalty for AUS: 1 from 1

USA: had 3 extra-man opportunities – scored 2 (67% conversion), defended 4 from 7 (57%)

Penalty for USA: 0

Both teams scored most of the “action” (not X-man or 5-meter penalty) goals by outside shots. Each team scored a couple of centre-forward goals. USA scored 2 counter-attack goals.

There will be 2 more exhibition matches in Sydney between these teams on 5-6 January at SOPAC from 6.30PM; updates will be posted.

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