Bondi beach – Surf Life Rescue – and the English language

From my childhood, the New Year’s Eve has always been associated with winter and snow. The normal outdoor activities were skiing, skating and playing snow-balls. But for the last 20 odd years it has not been the case.

There are lots of summer outdoor activities to enjoy in Australia. This continent is blessed with a good climate and has beautiful sandy beaches. Going to a beach is one of the options that many people choose. I am one of them.

From a water polo training perspective, a beach “iron man” type cross-training, combined with callisthenics, can and should be a part of any team’s preparation routine. I have been utilizing it for years and that is a good variety from regular pool/gym sessions.

The famous Bondi beach is one of my favourite ones. I was there on 31 December. The weather conditions were ideal – slightly overcast and no wind. Having done several jogging/walking laps, it was nice to get in the water; the temperature was just right – refreshing but warm enough. There were a lot of people, so I swam a bit further from the crowd.

A surf lifesaving guard (LG) paddled towards me and the following conversation ensued:

LG: How far are you going, mate?
I: Not far, just half way through to New Zealand and back.
LG: It’s OK, but do you see these jet-skis over there, 150 meters ahead?
I: Yeah.
LG: They are there because sharks were spotted in the area.
I: You are pulling my leg, aren’t you?
LG: I am not and you don’t want a shark to pull your leg either!

That argument had its intended effect on me and I promptly retreated back closer to the shore. Thank you Surf Rescue Australia for saving my life! On the first day of a New Year I was able to enjoy the Bondi beach again.

To all readers of this blog, wherever you are, enjoy yourself during the holiday period but do take care! Happy, healthy and prosperous 2012!

About Erkin Эркин Shagaev Шагаев
European, world, Olympic champion, two times World Cup winner Чемпион Европы, мира, Олимпийских игр, двукратный обладатель Кубка мира

2 Responses to Bondi beach – Surf Life Rescue – and the English language

  1. Bondi Goer says:

    Wow. Very interesting blog. Very funny

  2. you know me says:

    Hi there happy new year, hope all is well.
    read your posts and thought I tell you that you a very talented man. read and have been hearing your amazing past..that’s what I call PASSION!!.

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