U14s Vs Manly Breakers – won!
Congratulations to all with the win! Highlights of the match are:
• Solid centre-back (CB) performance by Chris Artemi; closing down the Breakers centre-forwards (CF) virtually nullified their attacking efforts
• Solid overall performance by Oscar Davis; much better attacking actions with the ball in a “perimeter” and “X-man” situations in that match
• A very impressive shot that resulted in a goal by Blake Artemi; I was impressed with near perfect execution of it technically, namely: good leg work, body position & arm movement – hence accuracy and power
• Chaz Poot was working very hard and displayed excellent awareness and speed during the entire match
• Ben Cochrane showed good improvement in both defensive (CB) & attacking actions; the 2 goal-scoring shots were impressive
• Oscar Douglas showed strong centre-forward performance at times
• Elliott Collins, William Gowers, Stefan Despotovic and James Kolenda displayed many positive signs of improvement. The key to this improvement is regular training.

U16s Vs Drummoyne – lost by 1 goal
Although the refereeing was not the best feature of the match, we made enough own mistakes to “help” them “achieve” that result. However, there were some positive actions by individual athletes that I would like to highlight:
• Charlie Vaux was again very solid in the CB position
• Two late counter-attack (CA) one-on-one goals by Wil Cotterill were impressive
• Jai McNamara, Henry Frank, Cody Ingram, Gianni Taranto, Nicholas Bertino, James Butcher, Charlie Kospetas and James Chandler worked very hard and had a disciplined game

U18s Vs Drummoyne – won!
Congratulations to all with the win! Highlights of the match are:
• The team overall played a very good “grinding” match and deservedly achieved a good result
• Anthony Hryzanthos was extremely reliable in the goals and made the difference – as he does most of the times
• Reed Cotterill did a good job as a CB “closing down” their strong CF
• Nick Stephens and Jacob Kerrison worked very hard as did most other athletes

Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous 2012 to All!

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2 Responses to WEDNESDAY 21/12/2011 MATCHES

  1. Joanne Basha says:

    Really enjoyed your first blog. It was great to get some history of the Soviet – Hungary game as I too had heard so much about it but never saw the game. Look forward to the next one:)

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